The Beginner’s Guide to Google Data Studio

The Beginner's Guide to Google Data Studio

Ready to take data visualization to the next level? This guide to Google Data Studio will help you get started.

Complete Google Data Studio Course in 4 hour | Basic to Advanced | WsCube Tech

In this video, We are explaining Complete Google Data Studio Course in 4 hour | Basic to Advanced in Hindi. Please do watch the complete video for in-depth information.

Breakdown of Videos
00:00:09 – Introduction
00:05:48 – Complete Dashboard
00:12:50 – Connecting Google Search Console
00:22:45 – Connecting Google Analytics
00:36:42 – Running Calculations
00:42:25 – Comparing Calculations
00:49:07 – Predefined filters
00:57:55 – Fields & Concatenation
01:03:06 – Connecting Google Sheets
01:07:31 – Visualization
01:15:38 – Drill Down Features
01:24:42 – Pivot Table Features
01:32:48 – Case Function
01:40:25 – Create Bullet Chart
01:46:50 – Data Blending
01:51:58 – Create Time Series Chart
02:00:46 – Conversion Rate
02:09:20 – Condition Formatting
02:15:16 – CASE Function Example
02:20:20 – Use of Donut Chart
02:27:13 – Sharing of Reports
02:32:36 – Data Control Comparison
02:38:40 – Creating Search Report
02:55:19 – Search Console Report- 2
03:04:10 – Apply Filters in Reports
03:11:24 – Basic Finance Report
03:17:36 – Funnel Visualization
03:23:11 – Funnel Visualization-2
03:32:11 – URL Embedding Feature
03:36:42 – Limitations
03:42:48 – Showing Top ‘x’ Option
03:49:29 – Add a Reference Line
03:58:30 – Metric Slider Feature
04:04:15 – Insert Emojis
04:10:06 – Identify Branded Queries


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Google Data Studio complete FREE tutorial (2022) – Made for marketers, by marketers.

��Start reporting now on Google Data Studio with our free templates:

Learn all you need to know to automate your marketing reports on Google Data Studio.
Google Data Studio is a free data visualization tool that will let you connect your marketing (or any) data from apps like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

In this tutorial, we go through all the steps to automate your marketing reporting:

0:00 Introduction to Google Data Studio
11:50 How to create a Google Data Studio account and connecting data
20:47 Creating Charts and Graphs
30:06 Filters and Controls
36:30 Create Formulas
39:14 Case Statements / Case When
43:26 Regular Expressions / REGEX
47:47 Blending Data
53:15 Customize your Google Data Studio Report
58:40 Share your reports and learn how to schedule an automated mail to see your report

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Google Data Studio tutorial (blog post version):

Looker Studio Tutorial For Beginners (Previously Google Data Studio)

Looker Studio tutorial. Hi there, I’m Wesley Walker the founder of Walker Analytics and in this video, I walk you through a full tutorial of Looker Studio. You will learn, how to add a data source, how to explore data, how to visualise data and create a fully interactive dashboard. If you enjoyed my Looker Studio tutorial then please consider subscribing, turning on notifications �� and leaving a like �� down below for more content like this.

Introduction: 00:00
Templates: 00:55
Create a report: 02:19
Connect to data: 03:51
Explore data: 07:50
Where to find reports: 09:12
Report page features: 10:53
Building a basic report: 41:55
Conclusion: 48:52

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FULL Google Data Studio Course (2023) ➡️ rebranded to Looker Studio) [Compilation]

Free Complete Looker Studio Tutorials �� Want to build a on-brand report dashboard for your work / business but don’t have any knowledge on Business Intelligence/ Data Visualisation Tools? Not sure how to get started in Google Data Studio? This FULL compilation of my FREE data studio crash course is made for you!

Need data for the practice?
✅ Free dataset for download:

Looking for the colour pallete I used in this tutorial? Here you go!

00:00:00 Course Overview
00:02:38 Chapter 1: Google Data Studio Introduction, Q &A
00:07:18 Chapter 2: Connect to Data Source (Google Sheets)
00:22:03 Chapter 3: Charts Tutorial: Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Table Chart, Scorecard
00:57:54 Chapter 4: Advanced Chart Tutorial
01:07:14 Chapter 5: Data Studio Calculated Field / Formulas
01:17:22 Chapter 6: Filters / Data Control
01:28:21 Chapter 7: Custom Theme
01:37:28 Chapter 8: Report Sharing

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