IndexNow Enables Data Sharing Between Search Engines

IndexNow Enables Data Sharing Between Search Engines

The IndexNow protocol gets upgraded with the ability to immediately share data between search engines.

Google Page Experience Desktop, Search Console Errors, IndexNow, Local Map Interactive & Ads Russia

This week in search, I reported how the Google page experience update for desktop has been fully rolled out. I also posted my monthly Google webmaster recap, for you all to check out and catch up with. Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool is erroring out for some folks. Alan Kent from Google said no worries on merchants trying to fake the Shopping experience scorecard metrics, Google has ways to verify the metrics and will penalize merchants that try. IndexNow has grown with integration from Duda and a couple new SEO plugins but Yoast’s founder is not too optimistic about it. Google said it does not use the disavow files to discover link networks. Google spoke about the issues with translated content and garbage parameters in URLs. If you block users in the US, you need to block Google as well. Don’t forget, there are not more eligibility requirements for showing up in top stores. Google’s local pack map is now an interactive map. Google is showing how the business details are confirmed in the local listings. Google business profiles may require double verification. Google is testing a search bar filter at the top right section. Google is testing dropped the estimated results. Google has an upcoming SEO workshop with its internal SEOs and the Search Central unconference is coming later this month. Most people think Google will remain dominate over the next ten years. Google has pauses all ads from serving in Russia temporarily. Anton Shulke, a beloved SEM, is in Kyiv, Ukraine, trying to live a normal life but also making badges out of bedding – praying for you all. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – Google Page Experience Update For Desktop Done Rolling Out :
1:44 – March 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
1:52 – Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Errors :
2:31 – Google: We Mechanisms To Verify Merchant Experience Scorecard Metrics :
3:08 – IndexNow Added To Duda, All In One WordPress & Rank Math SEO Plugins :
3:30 – Yoast Founder: IndexNow Doesn’t Lead To More Traffic Or Improved Crawl Efficiency :
4:33 – Google Does Not Use Disavow Files To Target Link Networks :
4:49 – Google: Translated Content & Garbage Parameters In URLs :
5:22 – PSA: Blocking USA Users But Allowing Googlebot Is Against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines :
5:52 – PSA: Google Top Stories Eligibility For All Pages, Not Just AMP Or Good Page Experience Scores :
6:15 – Google Search Local Pack Is Now Interactive (Not A Static Map) :
6:39 – Google Local Panel Showing Confirmed By Phone Call (Duplex Related) :
6:50 – Google Business Profiles May Require Additional Verification :
7:10 – Google Tests Search Bar Filters & Options On Top Right Side :
7:17 – Google Tests Removing Estimated Number Of Search Results :
7:29 – Google Internal SEO Experts Hosting SEO Workshop – Is That Okay? :
7:52 – Google Search Central Virtual Unconference Back Returns For 2022 :
8:11 – Survey Says Google Will Remain Dominate In 10 Years :
8:36 – Google Temporarily Pauses All Ads In Serving In Russia :
8:54 – Anton Shulke In Kyiv Making Bandages Out Of Bedding :
9:21 – Conclusion

SEO Shake-Up: IndexNow’s Instant SERP Updates Are Here

On-demand indexing is here.

Control when Bing, Yandex – and soon, Google – discover new and updated content now lies in your hands.

Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Bing, joins me to discuss how IndexNow works and how to incorporate it into your SEO strategy.

IndexNow will be a great way to notify search engines of all content changes on the internet. Adoption and announcements are slated for 2022, so search engines can index content faster.

In this podcast, you’ll learn why search engines are adopting IndexNow, how to adapt to this change and use it to your advantage.

What we don’t want to accelerate is the crawler, we want to slow down crawling and we want to be notified about what to crawl. –Fabrice Canel, 48:50

IndexNow really fixed the real-time discovery issues that we were having of not discovering what’s happening on the internet. It’s here to be aware of each and every URL on the internet.–Fabrice Canel, 31:40

We want to make businesses successful by getting their latest content without crawling too much. –Fabrice Canel, 29:39

[00:00] – Meet Fabrice.
[02:18] – Which search engines use Bing Webmaster Tools for discoverability?
[07:23] – An advantage of IndexNow.
[07:55] – The difference between crawling and IndexNow.
[10:57] – Does Bing still crawl after an alert?
[12:48] – Cloudflare as a partner and the challenges you can overcome with IndexNow.
[14:27] – Will smaller sites be able to adopt IndexNow?
[17:24] – How will IndexNow affect ecommerce sites?
[22:12] – Examples of non-meaningful changes.
[23:16] – Do you still need a sitemap?
[24:40] – If you sign up for IndexNow, will your site still be crawled as often?
[26:06] – The end goal for IndexNow.
[26:57] – Are there any sites that shouldn’t use IndexNow?
[34:10] – How long will it take to index web pages with IndexNow?
[35:56] – How Google’s experiment with IndexNow is going.
[40:42] – Can IndexNow identify new image and video files?
[42:17] – Is the news using IndexNow?
[47:31] – Having IndexNow as an opt-out.

Resources Mentioned:

Adoption of the IndexNow is super easy. You just set up your own key on the site.–Fabrice Canel, 16:26

Let’s make 2022 the year of slowing down crawling and a better crawl budget.–Loren Baker, 48:57

If we can have one uniform language or one uniform style of feed or API call to update everything, I think you’re definitely on to something.–Loren Baker, 44:14

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Connect with Fabrice Canel:

Fabrice Canel works on the most exciting team at Microsoft: The Bing team. Each day hundreds of billions of new pages appear on the web, and hundreds of billions of previously-existing pages are updated with new content.

Indexing and crawling the web is a large-scale distributed task that requires speed, precision, and comprehensiveness. With over 24 years of experience at Microsoft, this is what he enjoys doing.

Connect with Fabrice on LinkedIn:
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Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

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What is IndexNow | Help Search Engines Quickly Discover and Index Your Website

Discover more great info at
Microsoft Bing and Yandex search engines teamed up and created a new protocol to crawl and index new/updated URLs faster.

In this short video I will explain:
What is IndexNow
How is IndexNow implemented
What are the benefits of using IndexNow

Google hasn’t confirmed it will join this project and there are many opinions in SEO and marketing communities about it. However, Microsoft added OpenSource code to GitHub all platforms could integrate easily. Companies, which plan or already implemented IndexNow: WordPress, Wix, Duda, Cloudflare, Akamai, Botify, Oncrawl, Onely, Yext.

P.S. Official Microsoft Bing plugin may be found in the WordPress repository.

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Getting Your Website Content Indexed and Ranked Faster

Getting your content into a search engine’s index is the first step toward getting that content to rank in search. And Google’s indexing seems to be hitting its limit lately, causing newer sites to have to wait months in some cases just for their content to get into the index.

In this video, I’ll explain API Indexing which I believe to be the future of indexing, as well as how you can start using this new feature right now.

My Videos about Google Indexing
Why some content doesn’t get indexed:
How to know if your content has been indexed:
How to get your content indexed:

Setting up API Indexing on Your Site
Google Article on API Indexing:
Google API Indexing Setup:
Bing API Indexing Setup:

0:00 – It’s frustrating when content isn’t indexed in search
0:21 – Quick rundown of search engine indexing
0:54 – API indexing (the new method)
1:25 – How indexing works now (limitations)
2:06 – Even established sites get missed by the index
2:40 – Crawling the web is not sustainable
3:15 – Results of API indexing
3:24 – The catch and using API indexing (Bing)
4:55 – Keeping up with Google
5:12 – The catch and using API indexing (Google)
6:36 – What Google is allowing
7:50 – My recommendation
10:21 – Why Google may not be indexing your content

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