Google SEO 101: All About Canonicalization

Google SEO 101: All About Canonicalization

Google dispels common myths surrounding canonicalization in its latest episode of the SEO Mythbusting video series.

Technical SEO 101: Common Reasons You Are Not Ranking in Google

John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility is here to walk you through technical SEO. With experience that stems from over 12 years, John has mastered the basics and would love to share his knowledge with you. Dive into this video to learn some common reasons you may not be ranking in Google and discover some simple SEO tips.

Technical SEO Tips:
1. Eliminate Duplicate Content (Unique URL, Title, Meta Description, Headings with Keywords, Content, and Image
2. Fix Your Broken Link or SiteMap
3. Improve Low-Text Pages
4. Include Alt-Text
5. Double-Check Broken Images, Low Word Count, Incorrect Image Declaration
6. Check Your Redirects
7. Submit Your Sitemap
8. Check Your Robot.txt File, Rel Canonical Tags, No Index and Nofollow Pages
9. Make Sure Your Site is on HTTPS
10. Review Page Speed and Core Web Vitals

If you have any additional questions about technical SEO, please leave them below in the comment section. Looking for more Technical SEO tips? Check out this video:
How Does Technical SEO Work? (And Why You Need It):

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How to Use Canonical Tags for Multiple Articles Targeting The Same Keyword

If you have written multiple articles that target the same keyword, Google and other search engines wouldn’t know how to rank all of them, so you need to help them decide which is the main article they should rank.

Although the content of each article is different, for example, reviews on different versions of the same product, you should always add a canonical URL to your older review articles pointing to the new article, so search engines will know you want them to rank the latest article.

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Latest Google SEO News

Learn from Ryan as he discusses recent SEO news from Google that can impact your website’s search engine optimization strategy.

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Do You Know SEO? What is a canonical tag used for in SEO?

Do You Know SEO? What is a canonical tag used for in SEO quiz #shorts

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