Shift in SEO Knowledge & Experience: Priorities in a Post-Penguin and Post-Panda World

Shift in SEO Knowledge & Experience: Priorities in a Post-Penguin and Post-Panda World

The SEO False Mentality Probably most of us are aware that Google is the predominant search engine in the industry based on market share and year after

Weekly SEO Analytics Review – Benefits And Scenarios For Use – 5/14

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Weekly reviews provide a good balance between being constantly updated and avoiding the risk of over-optimization.

On a weekly basis, you may review your keyword rankings, organic traffic, and engagement metrics.

These reviews are particularly useful for active websites with regular content updates or ongoing SEO operations.

Weekly checks can help detect trends, monitor the impact of your efforts, and fine-tune your strategies accordingly.

For example, if a new blog post isn’t performing as expected, you can analyze it within a week and brainstorm possible solutions or improvements.

Link Development Strategies for Penguin and Panda Recovery

Charlie J. Ellis, SEO Strategist, Gallant Fish

How to Do Keyword Research Post Google Penguin – Are you doing your keyword research the same was as before Google Penguin? The old way of doing keyword research just doesn’t work as well as before and in this video we discuss why and how to do it today:

Pitfalls to Avoid in a Post Penguin and Panda World

Vice President of Client Services at Vertical Measures, Mike Huber, presented our October webinar focused on internet marketing mistakes to avoid.

Mike walked us through steps to take in order to recover from the changes in Google’s algorithm with the release of Panda & Penguin earlier this year. After this presentation, you’ll be equipped to face the changes happening in the SEO world and be better able to react with tangible steps to recover your website’s ranking.

In this presentation, you’ll learn

–How Google’s Panda & Penguin algorithm changed the internet
–The effects of the changes on your web presence
–Pitfalls to avoid when trying to ‘fix’ everything all at once
–How to create a strategic plan rather than reacting too quickly
–Steps to take to segment your testing and isolate the biggest problems