How the Google Pigeon Update Changed Local Search Results

How the Google Pigeon Update Changed Local Search Results

The Google Pigeon Update, one of the biggest local search algorithm changes ever, changed the way local businesses ranked in organic search.

InsideLocal Webinar: Discussing the Impact of Pigeon Update

On November 12th, 2014 we were joined by 3 of the brightest brains in Local Search to review & debate the impact of the Pigeon update.

Expert Panelists: Mike Blumenthal, Joy Hawkins & Andrew Shotland

About the Webinar:

Presenter & Chat Support:

Myles Anderson (
Linda Buquet (
Colan Nielsen (
Date: November 12th, 2014 (60 minute duration)

Webinar Topics

– What are headline changes that Pigeon has brought about?
– Which ranking factors have gained & lost impact since Pigeon update?
– Which businesses are the biggest winners & losers post Pigeon?
– Location & proximity have become more significant – How does this impact local businesses?
– A lot of spam has crept into local pack results since Pigeon – Why has this happened?
– The display of results has also changed – Why did so many 7 packs become 3 packs?
– What does the pigeon update tell us about how Google looks at local search?
– How can businesses future-proof themselves against major updates?

About Pigeon Update:

Launched in July 2014, the Pigeon update aimed to provide more accurate local search results that are tied closer to traditional organic search ranking signals and more tightly geo-targeted around the searcher’s location. The impact has been widespread and varied – with some businesses and whole industries negatively affected.

About InsideLocal Webinar Series:

BrightLocal & the Local Search Forum have teamed up to deliver an exciting series of local search focused webinars. The ‘InsideLocal’ webinar series explores the most important, most topical & most exciting areas of local search marketing.

Local SEO: One Month After Pigeon & Crappy Results Remain

It’s been over a month since the Google Pigeon update which has changed local SEO dramatically. The results are in: Local SEO: One Month After Pigeon & Crappy Results Remain.

Watch as Local SEO Casey Meraz shows you some of the pigeon crap this update created and learn what you can do to combat it in the future.

Did Google Pigeon Algorithm Update 2014 Affect Your Business Listings? Here’s What To Do

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Recent changes in Google’s Pigeon Update have decimated some local business Google Maps listings.

Here’s how to get some of your revenues back up to speed.

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Google Pigeon Search Algorithm Update – What Is It? Local Business Search Video

Hey I’m Mr. Media. Ultra Advanced Internet Technology Nerd By Day, Media Technology Wh0r4 By Night.

I have been asked allot in the past few weeks’ what is going on with Google local search. Here is a video that goes over the Google Pigeon search update , what effect it had on local listings and some basic steps you can do to keep your SEO rank. Algorithm Update.